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Sunday, April 10, 2011

You Know It's Time

I procrastinate my fair share, sure.  And I leave my truck messy on occasion.  I was walking to my truck from work today and happened to glance at a truck parked near mine.

Here is how you know for sure that it has been way too long since you cleaned out the bed of your pickup:

At first I thought that someone had thrown a plant in there.  But no, that's a big-ass weed growing in the busted up bags of soil in the bed of that truck.  Those bags have been like that so long that a dandelion seed blew in there and sprouted!  And is now huge!
Time to clean, man.

Hope he doesn't get busted for having a bag of weed in his truck.

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  1. I hate dandelions! They aren't even real lions!!!