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Friday, March 18, 2011

For all the women in my life,

Sorry you have to put up with crap like this:

For added fun, check out the comments.

My favorite one is when someone quotes something sexist from Star Trek:

Nabuquduriuzhur said, 4 days ago

Remember what Nomad said about Uhura
Spock: that unit is a woman.
Nomad: a mass of conflicting impulses.

A close second, though is this one:

twright64 said, 4 days ago

“Girl logic” was forever set when the very fitst(sic) one of them took dietary advice from a talking snake.
Bam!  Way to drop original sin!  Not only are women illogical, let's all remember that they doomed us to a world with pain and suffering by defying god.  Thank you, Christianity (and Islam and Judaism, to be fair), for  blaming every single one of the world's problems on women.
I feel compelled to keep reading these comments.  It's like a terrible accident on the highway of equality, and I can't stop rubbernecking:
dtroutma said, 4 days ago

Would “girl logic” be putting time in a bottle— of Olay?
Nice!  The youth/make-up angle!  Way to think inside the box!

What hurts the most is there are some women who see no problem with this sort of thing.  There should be a feminist version of an Uncle Tom.   I propose "Aunt Schlafly"

Here's another one that was in the paper the same day:

Those wacky women!  Judging men so quickly, yet always taking so much time with the clothes.  They are so illogical.  And emotional.  And hysterical.  Unlike the guys who wrote this strip.  They're just douchebags. It's the strangest thing, though.  My wife is always waiting on me to get ready when we go out.  Maybe I should tell her to stop bucking the stereotype.

The saddest thing is, I bet the authors think they have very reasonable attitudes towards women.

Unsurprisingly, XKCD sums this up nicely, with fewer words and actual humor.

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